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What did you hear about paragliding? If you want to experience the incredible sensations of free flight without worrying about anything, in maximum safety,  entrusted to a Tandem Pilot Professional license FSVL with many years of experience During the two-seater flight the passenger is comfortably seated in front of the pilot who takes care of all actions and decisions to be taken before and during the flight (assessments of weather conditions, route selection, maneuvers, etc.). The only action that is asked of the passenger of the tandem flight is a short race to encourage take-off that will take him immediately into another dimension: silence, the land that moves away, the detachment from everyday reality “two-dimensional” and a feeling of unexpected security and stability ….


From the peaks of Luganese to those of Mendrisiotto or Bellinzonese, the Ticinese mountains offer a varied choice to enthusiasts who consider them among the most beautiful in the world for the practice of free flight. For a first experience with paragliding,  Monte Tamaro ,  Monte Lema  and  Monte Generoso  are perfect takeoffs for Tandem flights, accompanied by experienced pilots.

Monte Generoso

The paragliding flight from  Monte Generoso  offers strong emotions. From the top (1704 m) on which posed the “Stone flower” of architect Mario Botta, up over the village of Mendrisio, landing at San Martino or Genestrerio. The region of Monte Generoso is shown in all its beauty. The horizon embraces the landscape of the beautiful Muggio Valley, the Mendrisiotto with its rural territory, the entire Lake Lugano region and the Alpine chain. At certain times of the year it is not uncommon for the sky to be shared with many birds during the flight, including buzzards, hawks and eagles.

Monte Tamaro

A MOUNTAIN OF EMOTIONS AND FUN The gondola from Rivera comfortably reaches a height of 1500 meters, where it takes off for a flight with views of the surrounding mountains, the Bellinzonese, the lake of Lugano, the Malcantone and (thermal permitting) the Lago Maggiore with its valleys. It normally lands in Bironico, or near the start of the Rivera cable car, after over 1000 meters of descent.



Monte Lema

From its 1600 meters you can admire a breathtaking view of the lakes of Lugano and Maggiore, the snow-covered Alps of the Bernese, up to the Valais peaks. A wide grassy takeoff allows you to take off very easily and safely. It can be reached from Miglieglia first with the cable car and then with a 10 minute panoramic walk.Once the flight has taken off you are immersed in a landscape in nature, inserted in an extraordinary vegetation typical of Ticino with small rural villages.the Flight finishes landing at Miglieglia near the cableway or at Molinazzo di Monteggio.

monte mornera

Mornera with its 1380 meters you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town of Bellinzona with its three castles and the surrounding valleys. on favorable days they allow you to fly to Lumino and to Grono. inserted in a luxuriant vegetation, Mornera is a gift of nature unique in the world.


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